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The broker advantage: You are protected!

Real estate transactions require specific knowledge and a level of experience fed by regular training. The documents to be completed are numerous and it is important to fill in each form and each clause according to the situation. While the various players in the industry are adequately trained to avoid the precarious situations, there are unfortunately several cases that require them to call in a professional real estate law.

Before taking steps, there are several resources and protection mechanisms that you should address to.


As the first resource to contact in case of questions, the agents of the OACIQ information center, who are also brokers, are there to answer your questions and provide you with their in-depth knowledge.

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Public Assistance Department

You think your broker has committed an offense? The Public Assistance Department allows you to make a complaint or to report an ethical fault. Department analysts will be able to point you to next steps.

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When a request concerns allegation of ethical violations requiring investigation, the Public Assistance Department refers the case to the Office of the Syndic.

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Discipline Committee

If your broker has committed an ethical fault, it is the Discipline Committee that will judge the complaint and impose penalties if it turns out that he is found guilty.

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Real estate indemnity fund (FICI)

The FICI provides free financial protection to consumers who are victims of fraud, misappropriation of funds or dishonest transaction in a real estate transaction.

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Fonds d’assurance responsabilité professionnelle du courtage immobilier du Québec

FARCIQ provides free financial protection to consumers who have suffered the consequences of an unintentional fault, error, negligence or omission committed by a broker in connection with a transaction.

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OACIQ Ombudsman

You feel that you have been the victim of an inappropriate or biased decision by the OACIQ and have exhausted all your resources? Independent from the OACIQ, the Ombudsman examines all complaints related to the services rendered by the Organization.

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What to do after exhausting the assistance services and that legal proceedings seem inevitable? Lex Commercialis Avocats legal services professionals take over.

In partnership with the RCIIQ, Mr. Martin Bergeron and Mr. Aref Kodeh offer their services in real estate law to independant brokers, members of RCIIQ, and their clients. Preferential and competitive rates have been concluded. An additional service that consumers can benefit from.

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Martin Bergeron - Avocat


Aref Kodeh - Avocat